About Us

Welcome to NEVILLE LANE. My name is Kate Neville and I created this website out of necessity.

After a full life, raising my children and running a photography studio, my husband and I decided to take on fly fishing as a common hobby. Right from the start we both loved everything about the sport. Finding yourself out surrounded by nature; a babbling brook at your feet, endless blue skies above you and the quiet quest to land a trout, soon became all that we needed.

That is until I set out to acquire fly fishing clothing for myself. I quickly found that this sport was geared towards men. Oh sure there was the occasional shirt that came in women’s sizes, but usually I didn’t like them anyway.

That was the motivation to start my own t-shirt line aimed at woman who fly fish. I have been a creative all my life, so designing the shirts just came naturally to me. On this site you will find a combination of fly fishing themed shirts as well as what I call ‘Spirit Gear’, because I know that the women who fly fish tend to, not only be adventurers, but have a deep compassion for all things great and small.

I am proud to say that a portion of every dollar you spend will be donated to non-profits that make a difference in the lives of women and our environment.

I hope you find everything your are looking for.


Thank you for visiting and your constant support.